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Based in Penticton, British Columbia, and serving the Okanagan Valley and beyond


Wyper Law is the law office of Neil Wyper, a lawyer and notary public. Neil provides a variety of legal services for families and businesses. Services provided by Wyper Law include:

Wills and Estate Planning

Do you own your home? Have children? Own your business? These are some of the many reasons for having a will which describes how your estate will be given to the people you care about after you die. In addition to simply distributing your property, Wyper Law can help you develop a customized plan which can reduce the taxes and fees you must pay throughout your life.

Estate Administration and Probate

Have you been appointed an executor in someone’s will? Wyper Law can help you decide whether to accept the appointment, and guide you through the process of having the will probated.

Disability Planning

If you or a family member suffer from a disability, Wyper Law can help you make sure a plan for future caregivers is in place. Also, I can help you set up a trust, to hold money without affecting government disability benefits.

Commercial Law

Wyper Law helps business owners with all aspects of their operations. For start-ups and established businesses, we help our clients manage partnerships and corporations, contracts with other businesses, and sales and purchases of businesses.

Notary Public Services

Wyper Law provides notarial services, like certified copies and notarized signatures.

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